On-Site Services

Divine has started new services to solve on-site problem. sometimes some difficulties are generated in industry that can't solve by cutting material or can't move big machineries, so for that we are helping them to solve problem on site.


Surface Roughness Test

Using surface contact probing technique, a surface roughness evaluation is performed. It is a very standard practice used to show the unevenness of the surface at the microscopic level.

Carburization & Decarburization Ferrite Content Measurement by feritscope (Din ENISO17655) Coating Thickness Measurement by Dulascope(DIN EN ISO 2360,ASTM B244 or BS 5411/3) Hardness Testing Adhesion Testing/Dolly Testing/Peel-off Test

This test to determine adhesiveness of materials with each other by applying tensile force on sample. it is applicable on two materials, coating resin, coatings etc.

PMI (Positive Metal Identification)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the identification and chemical analysis of various metal alloys through non-destructive methods. Divine metallurgical lab providing on- site service of PMI for analysis of quantities of present element.