Aerospace & Defense Testing

In few industries, reliability is more emphasized. The risk associated with the failure of key components is beyond measure. Verifying raw materials, analyzing failures and thoroughly testing new products are critical to maintaining a strong safety record.

Audited by DRDO engineers, we are approved for all the defense contracts. We provide analytical services designed to support both the quality control efforts as well as the materials and product engineering efforts of many suppliers. These include elemental and chemical analysis, mechanical testing, plating & coating evaluations, failure analysis, corrosion testing and much more.

We have experience of working on reciprocating and turbine engine components and =materials, airframe materials, and thermal spray coatings. We are knowledgeable about many exotic and specialty alloys and how to prepare them for analysis.

Medical Devices Testing

When materials are to be implanted in patients, quality is of the utmost importance. Failure to meet the rigorous standards of medical device OEMs can have devastating results for patients and their families. Ensuring your materials are made to your specifications and investigating failures promptly and accurately are both critical to meeting the medical industry's strict quality standards.

Divine Labs is an accredited materials testing lab providing analytical services to the medical device and dental industries. We have extensive experience working with medical OEM's verifying raw materials, handling overflow testing from internal labs, testing finished products and providing support to research and development efforts.

Our facilities provide testing on metals,powders, coatings, ceramics and finished products to support medical OEM's and their suppliers. From routine production support to failure analysis and litigation, our team of experts is well-positioned to get you the answers you need.

Automotive Industry Testing

Over the past decade, there have been many high-profile recalls in the automotive industry. Recalls often come after part failures in the field, which not only can endanger lives, but are costly and can damage your good reputation.

Divine offers a wide range of analytical services to help manufacturers supplying the transportation industry ensure a high-quality finished product that meets the intended specification.

We offer routine production checks, support for R&D efforts, comparative analyses of different lots/materials/suppliers and should problems arise, we can also investigate failed metallic and nonmetallic parts.

We have a strict quality system in place to ensure that our data is reliable and accurate. We also provide fast turnarounds (within the same day or even less). We have also been working with some of the major manufacturers such as Ford & Tata motors. We are also contributing our services to Gujarat Metro Project

Energy Industry Services

Today Gujarat is leading in term of power production and maintenance of power generation plants is critical to maximizing up time as failures of equipment in such plants can result in costly shutdowns. Verifying raw materials prior to manufacture or installation can also ensure you or your clients' facilities keep running efficiently.

Divine Labs offers analytical services to the energy industry and their suppliers. From routine checks of raw materials, to support of R&D efforts and failure analyses, our labs can provide clear, concise reports, fast turnarounds and access to our experts before, during and after testing.

We have been providing services in the regime of .

Steam Turbine
Wind Turbine
Power Transmission

Oil Gas Industry

Exploration, extraction, refining and transporting oil and gas products is vital to keeping our industrialized world running. The process for finding and extracting oil and getting it refined and to market consists of extensive infrastructure. In recent years we've seen that the cost of failure of parts and materials can be catastrophic not just financially, but also to the local ecosystems where these disasters occur.

Divine Labs have the expert staff and knowledge to provide material verification and R&D testing for metals, coatings and contaminants.We have extensive experience working with the high-performance materials used in oil & gas production. We offer a variety of chemical analysis, metallurgical testing, mechanical testing and corrosion testing services. In the event of failure, we offer root cause determination and solutions to prevent recurrence.

Divine corrosion experts can identify variables that are responsible for corrosion attack. We have a history of addressing complicated corrosion issues, including stress corrosion cracking, dezincification, pitting corrosion and many other mechanisms. We can provide you with the best results for such applications.

Engineering R & D

Measuring the physical properties of parts and raw materials can help you determine their durability and give you an insight of how they will perform under application. Improper machining, wrong material selection and exposure can all affect your materials and potentially cause costly failures and recalls.

Many clients have turned to Divine Metallurgical Services so that their engineering groups can be more effective in applying the results of investigations to new products, rather than being bogged down in running tedious test programs. Divine Metallurgical Services can compare and contrast multiple materials, giving you side by side results that show you the comparability of each candidate material so you can make informed business decisions.

We generally offer faster turnarounds than internal labs can provide, helping engineers develop new materials faster. Our reports are clear and concise so you have straightforward answers to difficult problems.

Production Support

DMSPL has helped manufacturers with production testing support and routine material checks for many years. Our quality group would be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to come in and audit any of our facilities.

We know that time is money and you aren't making any with shipments awaiting certificates or your production lines stopped awaiting answers from slower, less-responsive labs. This is why DMSPL strives to not only be accurate, but quick. A wrong answer, fast isn't going to do you any good either.Much of our routine testing is completed within the same day or less and expedited services are available. Our reports are concise and our results are straightforward. You get a clear pass/fail statement on every report with all of your identifying information clearly labeled. This makes it easier for you to find certificates for different lots, materials or suppliers.

Our reports are customizable. Need special information included in your standard report? Let us know. We can likely accommodate your request.

Request a quote today to find out why DMSPL should be yours go-to lab for part qualification and material checks. If you have testing needs, let us know! We offer special pricing for volume work. Learn more about some of the services we offer below and check out some examples of clients we've helped. All of our clients would recommend us to someone else. Find out why today!